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Personalized Coaching

Coaching is a professional and personalized accompaniment, enabling concrete and measurable outcomes, whether in personal or professional life.
The word “coaching” points out to an activity designed to accompanying and flourishing the person “coached”.
Coaching is not therapy and it differs from counseling. It enables to identify and reach objectives or to tackle problems that the client wishes to explore in either private and/or professional life.
The content of the coaching sessions remains confidential and the coach is bound to professional secrecy.
The coaching sessions are successful when there is mutual trust and neutrality. The coach is a non-judgmental and open-minded way, helps his client achieve his/her objectives.
Usually, the Coaching will not last more than a relatively short period (from a few weeks to a few months maximum); it is one of reasons it tends to encourage autonomy.


The Coaching has proved itself in the sports area: helping a person to reach the maximum of his/her physical and mental capacity. 
The coaching in large or small business is now common practice. 
Coaching is becoming a state of mind and a philosophy, because of its analogy with the autonomy of reasoning.
Are also parts of the Coaching: knowing how to define an issue, finding by ourselves various solutions, and enabling the progression on the way of seeing things, changing perspective or points of view.
The coach shares her knowledge about the changing process, not about the content of the change, that you are the only one to know about. This way, the coach will help you in developping your autonomy. Through coaching, the « coachee » deepens his/her knowledge about him/herself, and improves his/her performance thanks to new ways of doing, new strategies.
The coach is able to detect and master any relational process. 
There are no recipes or formulas guarantying an ideal result. We are complex, and our surrounding, the society, the system in its whole have to be taken into account. Be willing to change is the starting point; thereafter, you need relevant and efficient tools, enabling you to better know yourself and be able to overcome difficulties.
Coaching addresses measures with lucidity and pragmatism to ensure goals and objective are reachable.
Coaching within the professional environment used to be mainly based on performance but nowadays assertiveness and personal development are key factors in the equation.
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Stress management

  • Communication and behavior 

  • Achieve self-assertion 

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Redirecting my career 

  • Life transition

  • Restoring enthusiasm and vision

  • Make choices, take decisions, setting objectives and making them become real

  • Getting to know myself better, establishing connections with myself and others

  • Appreciating life, rain or shine

  • Understanding what drives me, daring to realize my dreams


how can one explain such an expansion? 
Why are there so many new coaches? 
Who are they?
Basically, coaches believe in the human being, and its future. They want to contribute to a better world, more “human”. 
They believe in the uniqueness of each of us, and do not follow the standards imposed on us.

So, it looks like coaching has a future, and that’s lucky !  

Why should we wait before deciding to get better ?

How can we face disappointments and loss of benchmarks in our society? 

We are supposed to consume more and more without any reasons necessitated by the human; we tend to seek answers elsewhere.

And that’s the good news: it’s exactly there the change will occur, from the inside to the outside. We do have an influence, a control, over our own change.


  • You are facing a challenge that has an impact on your life

  • You feel there are major obstacles in your life, difficult to overcome

  • You feel you cannot express your potential, be your full self

  • You feel you are in a period of change in your life, and the stakes are relevant

  • You feel you are not moving forward anymore, you can’t see how to come true

  • You feel you always find yourself in similar deadlock situations

  • You feel you would like to change

  • You would like to evolve, to open up

Here is a short test

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